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About Chilli Padi D.I.Y.
With our easy-to-cook pastes, home cooking is made simple, economical and tasty. Our brand of cooking pastes oozes an intense flavour and aroma. With the same ingredients used in Chilli Padi sauces, Peranakan food lovers can now recreate the magic of Chilli Padi at home with ease and enjoy its full flavour. Our range of pastes includes:

  • Assam Pedas Paste
  • Ayam Sio Paste
  • Bua Kuluak Paste
  • Curry Paste
  • Laksa Paste
  • Mee Siam Paste

You can also choose from our fine selection of sambal belacan and sambal tumis. They are available at our restaurant, café and takeaway stall.