Christmas Trio-Bundle (8 - 10 Pax)

$ 188.00
($201.16 incl. GST)
Min. Order (Set): 1



Enjoy savings of $10 with our Christmas Trio-Bundle! Receive a bundle meal worth $198 for just $188. 



Are you celebrating Christmas with a bang this year? Or is being home and cozy more important to you? Whichever it is, we have a catering menu perfect for ringing in the holiday season. 

In this set, the main attraction is our Traditional Roasted Turkey With Chestnut Stuffing. This dish is accompanied with everyone's favourite Roast Potatoes and a delectable Cranberry Sauce. At a hefty 4.5 to 5.5kg before roasting, this makes for a comforting and satisfying feast. 

To pair with the Turkey is another iconic Christmas essential: Criss-Cut Chicken Ham! Honey Baked and served with our specialty Raisin Butter Berry Sauce. 

To finish off our glorious trio, we have a classic dessert: Vanilla Buttercream Log Cake. Just the right amount of spongey sweetness that would satisfy anyone to the brim - isn't that the best way to end any feast, grand or intimate? 

If you wish to learn more about our Christmas menu options, we are more than happy to assist you with your needs. Find your way into our inboxes ([email protected]) or hotline (6247 9531) and we'll settle all your catering needs for this Christmas season.