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2018 Christmas Party Set A
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Pax Rate: S$286.76 (S$268.00 before GST), Minimal Pax: 1 Print this Menu
X'mas Appetizer
D.I.Y. Kueh Pai Ti w Braised Turnips served w Chilli Garam & Sweet Sauce  花兰饼
Smoked House Roasted Delight
Apricot Glazed Chicken Ham served w Tropicana Pineapple Chutney  杏酱鸡火腿(整)与黄梨酱
House Specialty
Char-Grilled Jumbo Chicken Satay w Steamed Rice Cake, Cucumber & Red Onion  鸡肉沙爹(大)
Santa's Favourite
Potato Cake stuffed w Mackerel Otak & Kaffir Leaves  乌打,马铃薯饼
Seafood Delicacy
Wok-Fried Prawns w Bibik Curry Spices  香炒干咖哩虾
Festive Fried Noodle
Divine Api’s Fried Mee Siam garnished w Sliced Egg Omelette & Chives  炒干米暹(蛋丝与香葱)
Sweet Surprise
Chilled Lemongrass Jelly w Aloe Vera & Peach Resin  香矛芦荟桃胶果冻
All Time Favourite Dessert
Traditional Prune Lapis  乌梅千层糕
Special Instructions (optional)
*Per set serves up to 12 pax**

**Christmas & Festive Celebration Special (Side Order)**

Christmas Epicurean Cold Cut Platter served w Tropicana Pineapple Chutney (serves up to 20 pax)
(chicken roulade, honey chicken ham, beef pepperoni, chipolata sausage, smoked duck, cocktail sausage)
@S$133.75 (S$125.00 before GST) each

Roasted Whole Turkey w Chestnut Stuffing, Roasted Potato & Cranberry Sauce (+/- 4.5kg)
@S$115.56 (S$108.00 before GST) each

Slow Roasted Rosemary Leg of Lamb (Boneless) served w Italian Herbs, Potatoes & Black Pepper Sauce (+/- 2kg)
@ S$126.26 (S$118.00 before GST) each

Apricot Glazed Chicken Ham served w Tropicana Pineapple Chutney (+/- 2kg)
@S$72.76 (S$68.00 before GST) each

Roasted Leg Sirloin Beef w Roasted Potato & Black Pepper Sauce (+/- 2kg)
@ S$126.26 (S$118.00 before GST) each

Christmas Fruit Cake (1.5kg)
@S$51.36 (S$48.00 before GST) each

Christmas Chocolate Vanilla Log Cake (1kg)
@S$44.94 (S$42.00 before GST) each

Snowy Hokkaido Waltz Cup Cake w Strawberry Topping (36pcs)
@S$47.08 (S$44.00 before GST) each

Snowy Sofuto Cheese Cookies (1 Dozen)
@S$29.96 (S$28.00 before GST) each

Christmas Prune Lapis (600g)
@S$35.31 (S$33.00 before GST) each

Christmas Honey Glazed Chicken Wings (20pcs)
@S$35.31 (S$33.00 before GST) each
Terms and Conditions
**Menu valid from 1st – 31st Dec 2018**

**Only Christmas menus are available from 19 Dec to 24 Dec 2018. All other menus are not available**

**Delivery Charges**
S$32.10 (S$30.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 09-16, 18-21, 28-57, 76-82.
S$37.45 (S$35.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 01-08, 17, 22-27, 58-62, 64-68, 72-75.
S$42.80 (S$40.00 before GST) for delivery to Postal Code starting from 63 & 69-71.
S$42.80 (S$40.00 before GST) for delivery to Jurong Island & Resort World Sentosa.
Strictly NO delivery to Sentosa, Jurong Island & all off shore venue from 19th – 25th Dec 2018.

*Terms & Conditions*
1. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.
2. Full payment to be made upon delivery.
3. Please make cheque payable to: Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd.
4. Food is best consumed within 2 hours.
5. All food will be packed in disposable tray and delivered in an insulator bag to keep the food warm.
6. Disposable cutleries will be provided.
7. Food delivery is half an hour before the consuming time. However, it may vary by 30 minutes before and after the expected delivery time due to traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
8. Food menu may vary subject to the availability of ingredients, unforeseen seasonal demands and market fluctuation.
9. Order to be placed at least 3 working days in advance. Catering orders are first order first basis.
10. In event of cancellation, charges will be imposed as follow:
11. 1 day prior to event – 50%
On the actual event date – 100%