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Confinement Meal Service

Traditionally, the emphasis on confinement food is to ensure that mothers gain the essential nutrients during their post-natal recovery. Eating the right food (and cooked in the right manner) will help to revitalise health, dispel “wind” from the body, strengthen joints and support healthy lactation.

At Chilli Padi, we seek not just to maintain the tradition, but also to INNOVATE and create fusion confinement dishes to satisfy the tastebuds of modern day mums. From Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mirin Sauce, to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup & Shabu Shabu with XO wine, these fusion confinement dishes are carefully prepared by our chefs to ensure great taste, yet low in salt and fat. Most importantly, they do not contain MSG.

The freshest and healthiest ingredients go into our recipes as well. For our confinement meals, we use only Sakura Chicken as it is low in fat and cholesterol. Reared through an organic farming process, Sakura Chicken has higher nutritional value as it possesses higher amino acids too.

Other than nutritious food, plenty of rest is also vital to post-natal recovery. So just leave tour meal-planning to us! With an array of delicious confinement dishes delivered to your doorstep, we assure that you will be a healthy and happy mum!

Assurance & Convenience

  • We understand the kinds of nourishment you’ll need.

  • We save you from the hassle of buying quality herbs and ingredients.

  • We pride ourselves in the expertise of preparing tasty and healthy confinement dishes.

  • We assure that you will be a happy and healthy mum during this period.